Refractaris proposes the new international standard for thermal insulation in solar plants

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Luneng Haixi Thermosolar Tower

The company’s proposal, which leads the design, construction and execution of protection shields for solar thermal towers on a global scale, has been approved by the Spanish Union of Standardisation (UNE) and involves the setting up of an international working group to develop the standard

The spanish company Refractaris, based in Montemayor (Córdoba, Andalucía), has proposed a new international standard for thermal insulation for solar plants for study and approval. This standard will facilitate the minimum required standard for thermal insulation in solar thermal power plants around the world and will strengthen their development possibilities in the coming years.  

The initiative was taken by the company’s research and innovation department, which is responsible for the design, construction, installation and maintenance of the protection shields of 90 percent of the world’s solar thermal towers. 

International working group

The proposal, which was approved and processed by the Subcommittee CTN 206/SC 117 Solar Thermal Power Plants of the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE), involves the setting up of the IEC – TC 117/PT 62862-1-4 working group for the development of the international standard for thermal insulation for solar plants and is made up of experts from the United States, China, Germany and Spain.

 The standards are technical specifications of a voluntary nature, but through their reference in legislative provisions, the Regulatory Authorities may decide that their content, in whole or in part, becomes mandatory.