Welcome to the new ACE Refractory web portal

We are pleased to introduce you to our new web portal, where you can find the main company activities, resources, experience or news.

In order to fit the new company expectations, result of a growth and expansion plan we have been developing for a time, we have decided to take a step forward to the digital marketing world. Taking advantage of this welcome, we would like to highlight the new corporative image of the company, based on the trademark REFRACTARIS. 

Refractaris is an engineering with several years of experience in high temperature refractory lining. Refractaris has a high capacity for the design and specialize solutions to the energy savings, the temperature control and the increase of security, providing ACE Refractory with a new position in the market as a supplier of turnkey projects. Under the slogan “Engineering for high thermal insulation”, Refractaris are open to a new market going from the energy sector, highlighting CSP, Oil & Gas or Biomass, to the passive fire protection. 



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