REFRACTARIS is at the Cutting Edge of the Design and Manufacturing of Thermal Heat Shield in the CSP Sector

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26 June 2019
REFRACTARIS continuous its expansion all over the world thorough the CSP market.
11 July 2019

REFRACTARIS is at the cutting edge of the design and manufacturing of Thermal Heat Shield with the SCUTTHERM SYSTEM® LT HW. This time, the company has achieved to design and manufacture the greatest panel created to the date in the CSP sector.

It is a panel located at the top the solar tower of the Luneng Haixi Project, in the Qinghai Province, China. It has been created to protect from the solar radiation the frontal zone of the crane situated, at the top of the tower.

To be able to create the panel, REFRACTARIS engineering and design departments have studied meticulously every step and requirements of the customer in order to reach this milestone in this sector.

With an area of more than 10 m², it becomes the greater panel manufactured to the date in the solar tower protection sector. Additionally, it incorporates an automatic mechanism that allows it to rotate in order to permit the crane operation.