Extenda’s 2019 renewable energy reverse trade mission visits Refractaris to find out about thermosolar energy innovation

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10 October 2019
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26 December 2019

The different energy companies and agencies from the six countries taking part of the 2019 renewable energy reverse trade mission organized by Extenda have visited Refrectaris to get to know first-hand the innovation the company is carrying out in thermosolar and biomass energy.

Refractaris has designed, manufactured and installed practically the total – 90 per cent –  of the CSP thermosolar tower heat shields around the world, which come to bear temperatures around 1000 grades and can be found in countries such as China, Chile, Morocco or South Africa, among others.

Thermosolar and High Temperature 

The companies and agencies from the six countries participating has been specially interested in thermosolar technology and in the high temperature projects which the company is participating in, as for people protection – security – and productive efficiency advances.

The companies participating are Energia Solucoes (Brasil); ECER (Chile); EPM (Medellín, Colombia); Isagen (Colombia); Masen (Morocco); PowerChina México; PASA (Mexico); Grupo Alego (Mexico); Panamá Power Holdings (Panamá); Grupo OTEPI (Panamá); Tegnatia Enerji (Turkey), Shangai Electric (China) and Supcon Solar (China).

Refractaris Today

Today, the company is working in several energy technology innovation systems, mainly renewable, in order to reach the future objectives of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan which aims for the renewable energy final use in Spain reaches the 42 per cent in 2030 and in Europe  reaches the 32 per cent.