Ace Refractory International receives regional administration grants to improve its business processes

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26 December 2019
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11 April 2020

Sede de la Agencia IDEA

Ace Refractory International has been a concessionaire of an incentive of the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia -IDEA- of the Junta de Andalucía amounting to EU 73, 108.68, con financed by trough the European Regional Development Fund -ERDF- for the realization of the project “Adequacyand improvement of management systems and ICT infrastructure of ACE Refractory International” with the aim of “Improving acces, use andquality of Informations and Communications Technologies – TICs”.

The initiative is part of the Order o Incentives for Industrial Development, the lmprovement of Competitiveness, digital transformation and job creation in Andalusia.