Refractaris develops its specialized internal training plan for productivity improvement

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4 March 2021
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28 May 2021
Internal training

Internal training

Refractaris is developing its specialized internal training plan as part of the activities of its annual program of actions to improve the company’s productivity. The training plan permanently updates all parts of the processes of the different high temperature, insulation, protection and coatings work carried out at the company.

This is because “a fundamental part of our mission is to be as competitive as possible in the value chain in the projects we are involved in,” says Antonio María Pino, CEO of Refractaris, “because this ensures that our products and services not only meet certification standards, but also make a key difference to the way we work”.

Theoretical and practical training

In this regard, one of the program activities carried out is theoretical and practical training for the drying process that is carried out on refractory concrete linings using auxiliary equipment. This ensures the necessary quality for the start-up of the processes.

Antonio Ruano gives the training

The training, coordinated by Antonio Ruano, Engineering Director of Refractaris, had two parts. In the theoretical part, the physical-chemical concepts that support the drying process were studied, such as capillarity, humidity percentage, combustion systems within the equipment itself or chemical reactions, and in the practical part, the knowledge and handling of the auxiliary equipment up to its maintenance, tuning and calibration.