28 May 2021

Sustainability: innovation is the way

A few days ago, the International Energy Agency launched a report entitled “Net Zero by 2050, Roadmap for the energy sector”, in which it made a […]
4 March 2021

Time for Technology

Article published in Cinco Días, march 2021
9 September 2020

Hybridization and the energy future

Article published in the magazine “Agenda de la Empresa”, in its September 2020 issue
18 June 2020

New economic strategies

Article published in ABC Newspaper, 8/06/2020
14 April 2020

The Energy Transition

People is constantly talking about digital transformation, but we should not forget there is another transformation that is absolutely essential: the energy one. The energy transition […]
11 April 2020
Interview with Antonio Pino on 7 TV
12 April 2020
Reporting for the TV Emplead@s Program
13 April 2020
Report by Extenda TV
14 April 2020
Report for News 2 of Canal Sur TV