To ensure people and installations protection

A suitable insulation ensures people and installations protection guaranteeing the sustainability and efficiency of the energy and industrial High Temperature Projects.

All this has enabled us to become CSP global leaders after designing, manufacturing and installing the 90 per cent of the solar tower’s thermal shields around the world.

Our aim is maintaining and expanding this leadership through the applied research and innovation processes we develop for each project we are involved in.

Our products and solutions for thermal insulation:

CSP, Concentrated Solar Power – Towers 

  • Thermal Shields
  • Cavity Receiver
  • Special Insulations
  • Thermal Storage Tanks

CSP, Concentrated Solar Power – Parabolic Through

  • Loops and Ball Joints Insulation
  • Thermal Storage Tanks


  • Combustion Boilers
  • Gasifiers
  • Equipment and Piping Thermal Insulation

Valorization Plants

  • Combustion Boilers
  • Equipment Thermal Insulation
  • Gasifiers

Our Works guarantee efficiency and sustainability