To guarantee combustion, generation and valorization processes efficiency.

The high thermal processes need lining capable of protecting the equipment and installations avoiding the materials composing them suffer any alteration in their composition.

The efficiency in combustion, generation and valorization processes is the differentiating attribute of our products and services after more than 35 years of experience and an astounding projects portfolio.

We research with the aim of expanding and improving the solutions regarding lining area taking advantage of the constant and innovative possibilities technological development offers.

Our products and solutions for refractory lining:


  • Combustion Boilers
  • Gasifiers
  • Special Insulations

Valorization Plants

  • Combustion Boilers
  • Equipment Thermal Insulation
  • Gasifiers

Oil & Gas

  • Revamping and Hydrogen Reformers
  • Flexicoking
  • Chimneys
  • Boilers to any kind of process

With maximum technical resistance and a minimum thermal conductivity