For investigation, design, manufacturing and technical office

In our Head Office we study, investigate, design and manufacture with a professional and specialist proved team.

Along our human team, we have resources to provide a quick and precise response to meet the needs the projects we are involved in are requesting.


  • 6.000 m2 of productive facilities.
  • Metal-Mechanic workshop.
  • Insulation workshop.

Outside our facilities

  • Portable workshops to installations in the workplace.
  • Portable drying systems
  • Thermographic analysis portable equipment.

Technical Office

  • 1.400 m2 of offices.
  • Computer-Aided Design systems (CAD).
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing systems (CAM).
  • Computer-Aided Engineering systems (CAE).
  • Thermal calculation systems.


  • 450 m2 of own laboratories.
  • Mechanical tests laboratory.
  • Thermal tests laboratory.
  • Fire resistance testing boilers.

We have more than 6.000 m2 of productive facilities